Daulton Hopkins - Jet Lag

February 04, 2021

Have you ever been afraid of missing a plane? Or to find yourself in "Home Alone"? It's a bit the anguish of Daulton Hopkins. The song is also suitable for situations where one is always afraid of being in the wrong place or of not making the right choices.

2020 has definitely taught us to be patient and above all to make the right decisions. But also, it showed us how indecisive our governors can be in a situation that we've never experienced before. Uncertainties, doubts, can undermine our self-confidence. A song that will therefore speak to many people, given the current context!

The track is very well produced, with amazing vocal harmonies on the choruses. The melody is attractive and we quickly find ourselves singing with Daulton Hopkins without even realizing it. We appreciate here the lightness and relaxed atmosphere of this song, which is timely. We needed something refreshing to start this weird year.

If you enjoyed this song, you may also enjoy other songs from the same artist. Worth knowing that "Glue", one of his previous singles, got more than a million streams on Spotify (hit the Spotify button below to discover more jewels!). We also recommend listening to "I Melt with You" if you like more organic instruments and folk atmospheres.

If you're ready to get on board with Daulton Hopkins, be prepared for jet lag. Immediate boarding.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Daulton's point of view :

I have an unhealthy fear of missing flights. The thought of being stuck in TSA, sitting in the wrong terminal, or even pulling a "Home Alone" and getting on the wrong plane is enough to send me to the airport three hours before I actually need to be there. I was writing last summer and started thinking about the idea of missing out and/or being in the opposite place of where I should be. Everyone has goals/aspirations but life happens or complacency sets in and eventually you realize you've been sitting in the wrong place for too long. Kind of a sobering picture but a good reminder to shake off complacency wherever it's sitting.

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