Daniel Trakell - Let Me Be

March 26, 2020

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There are artists who mark us, and who we don't forget so easily.

Daniel Trakell is one of them.

We featured Daniel Trakell in October 2017 with "So Long" then in December 2017 with "Paradise".

Two songs that we are still able to sing to you, even though we haven't listened to them for a long time.

This is what is called, in music, "in my head". When the artist achieves the feat of "in my head", then he has won everything.

Daniel's melodies are magical. They pierce the years, and are quite timeless.

And his return to us, more than two years later, makes us happy!

His new single "Let Me Be", which is released today, is a ballad with folk accents, punctuated by a few warm choirs and a discreet but welcoming rhythm.

A real delight for the ears, and a real favorite for us. But that doesn't surprise us. It's Daniel Trakell!

A gem to find in our March 2020 Spotify playlist.


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