Cypress - Swells

May 15, 2020

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Female fronted indie pop bands are pretty rare on the indie music scene, even though we really love this concept.

Cypress band comes from Edmonton (Canada).

They already release two previous singles and "Swells" is out today.

With a simple intro, driven by powerful drums, you can't really guess what will come next.

Rising slowly, carried by the singular voice of Andrea, the song evolves in quite calm way.

Take time to appreciate everything. Soulful guitar riffs, a voice that is full of emotions... A perfect mix!

Until the point of no return at 2:38. The fireworks start. And epic ending as we love!

What a power... you'll be surprise to see you arms hair getting dressed vertically.

Cypress surprises, in the right sense of the word, with a powerful indie rock sound which makes us want to hear more in the future.

A sure thing: you may hear from them again on the Indie Music Center.

A gem to find in our May 2020 and Indie Pop Anthems Spotify playlists.


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