Corella - Puppets

May 01, 2020

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Good morning ! If you're running low on energy right now, we've found something to boost you.

Just take 2:30 of your time to listen to the new single from the English band Corella.

"Puppets" is a short but effective energy ball.

The band reveals all its power from the intro, and offers no quiet moment: you will be forced to shake your head.

An incredible power, pushed by a very catchy melody and a frantic rhythm until the last second.

A voice reminiscent of solid bands like Fall Out Boy, or even Blink 182.

Corella, thanks to this voice, has a unique vocal signature, which can make a difference.

A track to listen to, preferably in the morning, to have a good day.

And a gem to find in our new May 2020 Spotify Playlist.


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