Cole Scheifele - Nostrum

August 20, 2023

On this summer Sunday, very hot in Europe, we offer you a little escape in Colorado. Yes, you are going to tell us that it is not the most refreshing state in the United States, we agree with you. On the other hand, the music of Cole Scheifele is!

Let's discover together his new single released this week, "Nostrum". A wonderful indie-folk ballad, with warm vocal harmonies, lots of melancholy and hope in detailed, immersive, thoughtful and heartfelt writing.

The song combines guitar and piano (which is our favorite combo), with a very warm voice, capable of quite incredible vocal flights in the treble. As the minutes pass, other instruments are added, such as the delicate drums until the climax which occurs around 2:30.

"Nostrum" is a wonderful, emotional discovery that will send shivers down the spine of indie-folk fans. And if you want more, good news! The artist will release a new record on November 9, "Songs of Sleep & Waking" of which "Nostrum" is the third single.

This means many more emotions to come, and good times to spend by the fireside in the Fall. Isn't that the point of a good indie-folk song? So let's wait a few months to find out more! Because it may be Cole Scheifele's first feature on IMC, but it won't be the last. We can't wait to go back to Denver!

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