Clouds And Thorns - Dance On Broken Bones

July 05, 2021

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This month I had the pleasure to interview Rich from Clouds and Thorns as an artist of the month for my all indie radio show “Why Doesn’t Everyone Know These Songs?”. It was a beautiful conversation about life and his music that finds that balance between darkness and light to reach people. The truth is, we always encounter both on our path and we learn to accept them as a part of our journey over time.

Lately, many of us have had to face loss with the pandemic changing the way we live all over the world. When something so heavy affects us it can be hard to see hope in the future - how can we move on from something that has changed us forever? It’s at this point where Clouds And Thorns speaks to us with a hopeful voice: “We’ll learn to love our scars and dance on broken bones”.

That’s a line from the most recent release by the US-based songwriter, titled “Dance on Broken Bones”. I remember hearing the song for the first time and really liking it, but it was after a few listens that I truly connected with it, especially after losing a friend recently. Rich told me in the interview that his relationship with the song also changed over time since he wrote it years ago for a 24-hour songwriting challenge and re-connected with it through the loss of his brother last year. This personal connection definitely rings through the song, it acknowledges the pain but is ultimately an anthem of hope for those that need healing. As Rich wrote in his bio:  “The greatest form of rebellion is to make something beautiful”.

“Dance on Broken Bones” is a beautiful modern folk song with light guitars and many layers that float and build into a beautiful soundscape. I’ve always loved the harmonies in Clouds and Thorns songs, and this is no exception - when they come into the chorus it’s a beautiful goosebump moment. The tasteful arrangement makes the song sound big without losing its authentic intimacy that rings through every word. It’s a song that says “I see you, I feel this pain too but we will get through this, we’ll dance again”. I have been listening to this song on repeat last week and it has brought me great comfort. Whether you’re going through a tough time or you’re just looking for a new stunning song to add to your playlist, “Dance On Broken Bones” is a good one to listen to.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, and our "Artist Pick" playlist.

Written by Luna.