Chris Lanzon - Unsaid

May 12, 2020

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It is a warm and comforting voice that welcomes us on the first notes of "Unsaid", a, amazing track by Chris Lanzon.

And a voice that takes off in the treble, on the chorus, and raises the arm hair vertically!

A very strong, emotionally charged melody on which the artist delicately places his voice.

With moving lyrics, the song describes the state we are in after a breakup, and the things we may have forgotten to say to each other.

As Chris Lanzon told us, "the song narrates the realization of the importance of telling someone how you feel, even though you might initially think it's better not to say anything. It's an uplifting cathartic outpour, and a cry of heartache all at once."

And during the tough times we're all getting through, it's even more important to say everything.

Let us remain attached to each other to overcome this ordeal!

The song is taken from the debut self-produced and independently released EP "Melancholy".

And it's hard to believe that it's a debut EP, as it reaches a high level in production quality.

Chris Lanzon is definitely an artist to watch closely, this year!

"Unsaid" is nothing but a beautiful gem to find also in our "Let love in" Spotify playlist.


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