Carnival Kid - We Used To Shout At You

January 16, 2020

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The history of the rock music industry has shown us in the past that Germany had the biggest names in rock, such as Scorpions, Kraftwerk or Rammstein.

And the indie-rock genre is not escaping the wave with Carnival Kid, Christian Stezycki's solo project.

And we can say that this new song gives us power and allows us to start the year with boundless energy.

With a power worthy of Kings of Leon or Foo Fighters, Carnival Kid seduces, from the first seconds.

The punchy chorus opens the way for a head shake and pushes us to crank up the volume loudly. Very strong. Even if it means disturbing the neighbors.

As the artist confides, the song speaks of the lack of perspective in his hometown: " It's a nervous song full of anger and despair based on the feeling of seeing your hometown slowly dying ".

A feeling that we can all easily find ourselves in.

A big auditory punch to find in our Spotify playlist of January 2020. And our new "Indie Rock Killers" playlist .