Carnival Kid & Sun Smash Palace - Friend of Mine

May 06, 2023

On April 13, when our friend from the IMC Family Carnival Kid came to us with the announcement of a new single, we jumped for joy. First, because it's been a long time since we talked about him on IMC.

And when we listened to the track for the first time, we were treated to a second good surprise: a super positive and overflowing energy, a bouncy indie-pop track that smells like sunscreen.

Quite the opposite of what Carnival Kid usually offers us, inhabited by a delicious melancholy, "Friend of Mine", his new single in collaboration with the Luxembourg band Sun Smash Palace, won us over in just a few seconds. And those first few seconds even cast doubt in our minds, making us wonder if it was really Carnival Kid.

Friends for a long time, and although living in two different countries, the cohesion between Sun Smash Palace and our artist from Erfurt, is absolutely incredible! With a very 80s atmosphere, a bouncing bass that makes you want to jump on your chair and dance uncontrollably, an infectious guitar and a perfect vocal performance, "Friend of Mine" is the perfect jewel for the summer holidays that are fast approaching.

The cross-border friends also offer us a beautiful part of their daily life, between concerts and studio rehearsals, in a jovial music video that adds a touch of nostalgia that fits perfectly with the musical universe of this little masterpiece.

About the lyrics, they evoke this person "who gives you support and positive energy when you feel lost and alone", as Carnival Kid explained to us. You probably have this person in your circle, don't you?

We're super happy with Carnival Kid's big comeback on IMC, and also to have discovered an undeniably talented band along the way! All you have to do is get this song in your car, turn it up loud, roll down the window, let your arm hang out, and sing along real loud.

Ah! Last important detail: even when you stop listening, your mind will continue to sing along for a few hours. Don't worry, it's one of the positive side effects on the leaflet.

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