Carnival Kid - Ever Present Past (EP)

January 15, 2021

Do you know what is my biggest reward, as a blogger? To see my artists evolve over the years, and in a good way. It's a unique, and rather precious, sensation that many bloggers will never experience because they focus solely on their metrics and statistics. But knowing musicians and developing a relationship of trust cannot be done if you throw twenty posts in the day. Carnival Kid is one of the first artists that I accompanied in my previous projects. And I have always been seduced by his creativity. And then I admit that his incredible voice, recognizable among thousands, has always attracted me. Christian comes from Germany, and produces all of his music himself. It's called a One-man-band. I was talking about evolution, and precisely, I think that "Ever Present Past" is a title which suits this album perfectly. The artist has gathered 8 of his songs there. You've already heard two on the IMC. We've heard almost all the other songs, though we still found them a little emotionally weak to introduce them to you. But it turns out that the entire album, bringing together all these jewels, is very successful, and fits perfectly to the musical universe created by Carnival Kid. After the tough year we've all been through, we sometimes need to take a break and think about what we've done, and what will we do now. Sometimes all in restraint, as in "Three and a Half Minutes", and sometimes released in large packages like in "The Avalanche", which is aptly named, emotions are present throughout the record. "Cold Town" is a wonderful discovery. A power unmatched until now by this artist. The final track of the album also offers its awesome build until the final fireworks. I think I won't be very objective if I tell you that "The Avalanche" is still my favorite track. Because it has a bit of an emotional value for me, I've known this song for a long time and I've become attached to it. "The Remains" had also marked me. When you like an artist, and play his songs on repeat, it's always a pleasure to see them put together in an album. I know Carnival Kid is very creative and has created dozens and dozens of songs, and it's really hard for an artist to keep just a few. But I trust him, and I know that this album contains only the best of the best. But I also know that he still has some nice surprises in store for us. I sincerely hope that 2021 will be his year. He deserves it!

The artists point of view :

Ubiquitous set pieces of our past shape our daily life in a very subtle or even conscious way. Our actions are determined by our experiences, which in turn has an impact on our future. In the eight songs of his EP "Ever Present Past", Carnival Kid presents these very set pieces - subtle memories, formative experiences and above all the question of what you would change if you could. The songs move between laid-back, relaxed indie folk and energetic fist-in-the-air hymns, accompanied by synthesizer carpets and crunching indie guitars. "Ever Present Past" is already my second and, like its predecessor, was created as a DIY project in my home studio.

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