Carnival Kid - Blackout at the Kindergarten

February 28, 2020

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And another feature for our favorite German!

It's with a track from the EP "All The Easy Places", released last year, that Carnival Kid came back to see us.

A song title which mixes English and German, and which fits perfectly to (sometimes) a little offbeat universe of our artist.

After an intro based on an isolated electric guitar riff, the song takes on its full extent once the first minute has elapsed.

The choruses are powerful, and are reminiscent of excellent bands from the 90s, like Stereophonics.

There is a soul in Carnival Kid, whether it is in the interpretation or the meaning of the melody.

The artist is alive, and you can hear it.

Each note is put with attention, and he leaves nothing to chance.

After the bridge, quieter, the song softens and offers us a more calm ending.

We appreciate the incredible vocal mastery and writing talent of this complete artist.

He also succeeds in the fact of placing 2 tracks in the same monthly playlist at Indie Music Center.

It's a first time. But talent has no limit.

A new wonder to find in our Spotify playlist for February 2020.