Carley Varley - Since You Left

March 10, 2021

Ah! Bournemouth! This pretty seaside resort in the south of the UK. Its seagulls, its pier, and its hundreds of colorful huts. I miss this atmosphere. It's been 4 years now since we've been there, meeting our friends Alex & Beth from AlexRainbirdMusic. This is also where you are most likely to meet Carley Varley.

An artist that we have been following for a very long time and that we have already presented to you in January 2020. And next time we'll come to Bournemouth, we will warn Carley because we really would like to meet her and see her playing live.

Well, good news! She is back with a new track, "Since You Left", a heartbreaking acoustic ballad in which she begs her lost love to return.

What always appealed to me about Carley Varley is the emotion in her voice. Intense. Powerful. And sometimes perfectly dosed.

It was impossible that we did not give you news of this talented, sympathetic artist, and who sometimes gives us moments of nostalgia on Instagram. When she covers songs from Avril Lavigne or more recently Razorlight, I feel like I'm still a teenager. And she's really inspired by songs from the 2000's (my favorite era haha).

(Nostalgia pause)> Razorlight, whose former guitarist recently contacted me about his solo career. I saw them in concert in Paris in 2007. Ah. I feel old now. And what a very small world.

In short, this young girl has crazy talent. Lovely covers. Amazing original songs. In addition, we will not hide it, she is very pretty. And she's creative. She's done a live stream last Sunday with Indie Midlands, supporting Birmingham and Solihull Women's aid. Young, talented, beautiful, creative, committed... The list of her qualities is pretty long.

She couldn't give us a nicer gift than a new single to start this (again) special year.

The song is a little sad, of course, but the artist still has other projects in her bag and she could surprise us again soon.

Included in our "Indie Folk" Spotify playlist.

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More about Carley Varley

My name is Carley Varley (this is my real name) and I have been releasing music for just over a year.

I'm a full-time musician, I gig constantly and in my spare time I write music and I'm learning to produce too.

I began by busking on the streets before being invited to play inside venues, from 2017 I have performed at festivals across the South West of England and released my first EP.


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