Carley Varley - Dirty Laundry

April 30, 2021

Imagine finding yourself at the center of a toxic relationship. What would you do? These are things of life that sometimes happen. It happened to me, not with a romantic relationship but with my mother. When you find out that the most trusted person in the world has always been lying to you and that everything is wrong, you find yourself in this weird situation, and you wonder if there is still a chance to give it a chance.

That's the pretty original writing theme of Carley Varley's new single, as she comes to us for the third time today. As she explains, "it's a song about a toxic relationship from the perspective of someone who has given too many chances and doesn't know how to feel anymore. It's a very easy-listening pop song and one that I really enjoyed writing."

Once again, Carley is touching, heartfelt, and fair. I have known Carley Varley for two years. She lives in Bournemouth, UK, in a lovely seaside resort that we had the pleasure of visiting in 2017. I can tell you that next time we go back there, the meeting will be inevitable and we can't wait for that.

In two years, I have seen Carley move in the right direction. Her writing is improving more and more, and her musical universe is being refined. Her voice too, more confident on this single, benefits from this positive development. But what I will remember the most is her authenticity. She's a great, simple, and lovable human being, and I think that this "open-minded" side is really going to help her get her career off the ground. Pearls like Carley, are not found very much in a lifetime.

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