Caleb Hearn - 1200 sq ft

August 10, 2023

We all share something without knowing it. Indeed, we all have, hidden deep in our memory, the memory of the first house where we lived. Or at least the first house we remember. And you, where was it? How was this house? With Caleb Hearn, these memories that we never talk about are still there, fresh, as if they had never been buried by more recent memories.

From the kitchen Mom thought was too small to the heater that gave out in the middle of winter, the North Carolina artist now based in Nashville remembers every detail of this home. She wasn't tall, but that was enough to make her happy. Then came the end of the adventure, when his parents separated.

With warm vocals, very comfortable telling stories that we can believe without allowing ourselves to doubt, a bit like Thomas LaVine or Harrison Storm, Caleb Hearn has this facility to convince us in a single sentence. His speaking flow is fluid and the tone of voice inspires confidence. A bit like a family friend patting you on the shoulder and saying "sit down, I'll tell you".

The most amazing thing about all this is that Caleb Hearn is only 22 years old. And yet such maturity in writing! Everything is incredibly good in this song, which is also the title of the 4-track EP from which it is taken. The care given to the production in every detail, the perfect marriage of piano and guitar, the delicious harmonies, the choirs of rare precision just after the first minute mark... so many clues that show that we are with 1200 sq ft on a masterpiece. As musical as it is visual, because the music video directed by Maya Sassoon is as immersive as it is moving, featuring the Caleb of today and the Caleb of memories.

A first track which of course made us want to discover the rest of the EP and we were not disappointed. This EP will have allowed us to add to our list of favorite artists Caleb Hearn and his magical writing. We literally fell in love with this multi-talented artist that we encourage you to support.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "1200 sq ft" on our "Indie Folk Center" playlist on Spotify.


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