March 04, 2021

It is often said that the greatest joys in life are simple things. Here is a quote that corresponds perfectly to this new track of BREGN. We found this song a bit by chance. Thanks to the Spotify algorithm. For once, it hit the nail on the head.

The artist, who came from Denmark, only needs his voice to captivate us. Because the production is really very simple. No artifice, just real emotions.

The mix between piano, acoustic guitar, and expertly dosed electric guitar is incredible. And enough to make your arm hair stand up vertically! "WIND" is just...a masterpiece!

We know absolutely nothing about BREGN, no bio, neither on Spotify nor on its social networks. This is why, exceptionally, you will not be able to find his point of view about the song, nor his biography, and no pictures. BREGN is like a UFO that came out of nowhere to surprise us.

The artist maintains a mystery as fascinating as it is irritating for a blogger who needs beautiful visuals and Press Kits to make a good promotion haha! But that's its charm. And we like it. After all, we realized that we don't need all those things to enjoy and share a gem.

We can't wait for the rest!


Reach out to BREGN:

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