BREGN - Dreaming

March 25, 2022

We introduced you to Danish singer-songwriter BREGN in March 2021 with the single "Wind". Still, in a very acoustic vein, Jonas is back with a new single, called "Dreaming", a very colorful and incredibly well-written and crafted song.

The purpose of the song was quite original, as Jonas told us: "Someone close to me has nightmares. I wrote this song as a lullaby to calm this person down. I want to tell the person I am here and I care. I focus on dreaming by repeating it again and again. I try to focus on wishes rather than trying to escape from nightmares."

And like any self-respecting lullaby, "Dreaming" is incredibly catchy, and we guarantee you'll keep the chorus in your head for hours. Maybe even all weekend. Because it's been two months since BREGN did us the honor of discovering this song, it's impossible to get it out of our heads. We couldn't wait to let you discover it!

With a raw and honest interpretation, the artist imposes his unique style as being finally obvious. I'm sure some of you will go through different stages: from "oh no it's not for me", to "in the end, I really like it and it's addictive".

What did I like the most? The use of different instruments on the final part, took me back twenty years and reminded me of Moby. Yes, that kind of dreamy melody. Which corresponds perfectly to the universe and the identity of the song.

You might think vocals are simple and effortless, and you'd be right. But isn't that the essence of a lullaby, after all?

What amazes me the most is that this song marks a turning point in BREGN's career. If you look at his Spotify today, you will see that the artwork of this new single, yellow and leaving room for the imagination, contrasts sharply with the dark but altogether elegant artwork of his previous releases.

The artist has this facility to take us into his universe, and the line "You close your eyes and you'll be gone" perfectly sums up this talent. Unintentionally, he described in his song the exceptional power he has over ordinary listeners like me.

Despite the fact that the song is released today, it leaves us with a strange impression: as if it had always been part of our history, for decades. Like a musical heritage, like some Beatles songs. And artists capable of giving this unique impression are quite rare. But I personally think that's a huge advantage because the song can speak to all generations. And after all, who has never had a bad dream?

In a very folk genre, and even sometimes a little psychedelic, "Dreaming" is everything you expect from a good song that allows you to relax. It's very elaborate, down to the smallest detail, but it seems pure and logical. This is precisely the power of an artist who fell into music at the age of 14.

100% DIY artist, BREGN deserves to be encouraged and supported, and you can do it via his Patreon, for example. You will also enjoy the fantastic lyric video below:

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more gems like "Dreaming" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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