Braden Lam - Second Wind

April 17, 2023

We wrapped up last week in Canada with the release of Genesis Ritchot's acoustic album. We kick off this week in Canada to celebrate the release of Braden Lam's "Strange Paradise" EP, which features a little gem dubbed "Second Wind." Yes, Canada inspires us right now, and we don't mind!

Braden comes from Halifax (Nova Scotia). Nothing to do with the song from Rhineland that we covered last November, though. He has already toured around the world, and after the release of this EP, he will be back on the road, and will notably be in Europe at The Great Escape festival in England and on tour with Pillow Fite.

If you like very elaborate folk sounds, with a dash of folk-rock, and lots of emotion in a final ascent to the goosebumps, you'll love "Second Wind".

The song has a special place in the EP, which, in several chapters, tells a story and a logical continuation. As the artist said, the EP "explores an independent redemption story that traces the early blush of infatuation to the hard-won moment of acceptance that it's over". And "Second Wind" is where the relationship kicks in, with the artist repeating "I'm ready, I'm ready" in an epic finale that will send shivers down your spine.

Initially a simple acoustic ballad, the song turns into a ball of energy, with a full-band, a transformation that testifies to the excitement of the character for a budding adventure.

A real jewel in the writing, with a very strong and unique vocal identity, a beautiful emotional sensitivity, which will make you want to discover the rest of the story by listening to the EP in its entirety.

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