Ben Brandt - Sunlight Moonlight

November 13, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

We're not gonna lie to each other, since we got this song, we play it on repeat. And it would seem that one Ben can hide another. In a decidedly indie-folk universe, close to that of Ben Greenberg (already well known at IMC and that you will find again next week), Ben Brandt kinda cast a spell on us. With a simple but very bewitching melody, and which stays in mind, the artist reveals his incredible vocal identity, like a signature. And above all, we appreciate all the emotional potential of this song, by its crescendo structure. The power rises throughout the track, until a breathtaking final part. Incredibly talented, Ben Brandt is very inspired by nature, and it can be heard in his music. A breath of fresh air in this troubled world. Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Lyrics :

Sunlight, moonlight, I’m here for you
Summer, winter, surely we’ll come through
Me and you
Our life, our strife - Jesus, carry
What love, till death, making a way through
For me and you
My love, you are all I see
My love, you are mystery
My love, in a sea of others
May I always, only be true
To me and you
My love, you are all I see
My love, you are mystery
Someday you’ll be right there for me
Watching, waiting, knowing He’ll come through
For me and you

Ben Brandt's point of view :

Hushed energy with dramatic build. This song traces through typical wedding vows in in loose story form, following a couple from their first declarations of undying love, to their last moments together. I wrote this song for my wife.

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Growing up on Minnesota’s North Shore gave indie folk singer-songwriter, Ben Brandt a love of nature that makes its way into his music – from acoustic-led soundscapes to expansive imagery. Now in Minneapolis, Brandt’s intricate finger picking, smooth vocals, and searching lyrics seek to intrigue and inspire.


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