Bear's Towers - If You Wanna Go

August 03, 2020

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While they were still under lockdown, French band Bear's Towers dropped their 4-track EP "Prism", and the last single "If You Wanna Go" last month.

A colourful universe for this band from French Alps, including thoughtful writing, powerful and catchy melodies.

4 longtime friends for the band, 4 wonderful songs that really worth a listen.

This single is probably the most emotional track of the EP, as it's a breakup pop-ballad.

Totally the opposite of "Bells", which is a joyful indie pop anthem, as much as "Silent Bird" which surprises by the turn it takes.

Bear's Towers are nothing but professional, as they're used to release wonderfully procuded music videos for each single.

You'll love all the details, brought together carefully by these guys, and we can tell that Bear's Towers is a band to watch this summer.


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