Bayonne - Come Down

April 24, 2023

Roger Sellers, better known as Bayonne, is an Austin-based singer-songwriter, producer and talented multi-instrumentalist. Since his debut album in 2016, the artist has come a long way, and evolves in a resolutely experimental and electronic melancholic universe.

Released on April 14, his latest single "Come Down" is based on a few intro notes, which will eventually become the common thread of the song. These few notes, repeated tirelessly, are gradually enveloped in warm vocals which contrast with the rather cold and dark atmosphere.

Bayonne leaves no room for chance, the production is incredibly well put together and many details sublimate his rather honest and direct lyrics, such as a magnificent piano which comes to suspend time after a minute and a half of pleasure.

Well thought out, produced with great attention, "Come Down" has nothing to envy to the best indie-pop jewels of its generation, and we can guarantee that the track will haunt your thoughts for hours, even days. A must-have in your chill playlists.

If you want more, his new album "Temporary Time" is on the horizon! It will be available on May 26. You can already pre-order it on vinyl on his website. And if you are lucky enough to live in the USA, the artist will begin a tour on May 30 that will start from Phoenix, AZ, passing through all the major cities of the country and ending at the end of June at his hometown in Austin. All dates to be found in the description of the Youtube video above.

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