Atli - Loved To Be Loved By You

March 17, 2022

We can say that 2020 has been a trying year for Atli. We already had to isolate ourselves and sometimes find ourselves cut off from the world. And in addition, he lost his lover, as he told us: "The song was written in 2020 after a difficult breakup. It is an introspective message to a girl that I loved when I slowly started to realize how deeply I actually loved her and how much her love did for me."

The song benefits from a production that may seem simplistic. The less attentive people will only remember Atli's acoustic guitar and extraordinary voice. But if you are focused, you can hear lots of little production elements, discreet, but which each bring their little something extra.

Far from the clichés of the usual serenades that shower us with "you're gone, I'm sad", the Icelandic artist has incredible writing skills and a sincere and honest interpretation: everything goes through his voice and his emotions and feelings are crystal clear through this unique vocal timbre.

Having already come to IMC last year with the single "Gone (Halo)", Atli continues to tell this heartbreaking story, which will be the songwriting theme for his album.

We don't know much about Atli, after all. His label has come down to us without a biography. We had a look at his Spotify, the biography does not tell us more. However, his Instagram allowed us to be surprised, discovering an artist who seems very young. The maturity of his writing and his vocal performance had however invited us to think the opposite. So he starts his career with a serious advantage. And we wish him a long and beautiful adventure.

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Written with love by Niko. "Loved To Be Loved By You" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.