Arms Akimbo

February 23, 2018

Double blast for Arms Akimbo, who comes back with two new singles. Remember, Arms Akimbo is a band that we had already introduced to you with "Parachute" in last November. And it's a band that goes up, and up, and up ... That's why they are our "Rising Stars" of the moment!
Seven Mirrors, released on February 17, is a hymn to good feeling. The atmosphere slowly but surely settles, and we understand all the heat that this track gives off when the electric guitar arrives at 1:38. In the instrumental parts, from 1:54 to 2:09 for example, we find a small Viola Beach side that we appreciate so much (and we think about them every day since their sudden disappearance). These two bands would have had a lot to tell each other, for sure. The solo that arrives at 2:59 leaves us speechless. We take a huge pleasure to savor every second of this track. The final is up, and despite the 5 minutes of the song, it seems it has been too short, and we would have taken a minute longer, because it was so good. About that, you still want some?
Here is another single, released today, "None Of My Business". Members of the band, once again, impose their unique style, consisting of funky melodies, catchy lyrics and good mood. Shorter, but just as great, you'll appreciate this single if you like Stereophonics or Snow Patrol, for example. From beginning to end, the band immerses us in its unique universe, so well built. Because everything is perfect, nothing is left to chance, and you can hear it. Arms Akimbo are professionals, and they will always surprise us.
Both tracks can be found in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and are available on Spotify and iTunes.