Any Joy - Rush

March 27, 2020


Another nice surprise in a prettyc calm Indie-Rock genre.

The Any Joy band delivers in "Rush" a neat and amazing performance, which makes our ears soar and dream from start to finish.

With great lyrics, combined to a very delicate interpretation, and a very catchy melody, the band has "everything to please", as we say in French!

Recently formed, the band begins, but already has a huge advantage: you can't hear that they've just begun.

When you first listen, you seem to hear a band that has established itself on the international scene for years!

Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Bon Iver are among their influences. Enough to say that, quality is necessarily there.

The song rises gradually in intensity, until a breathtaking final part, through a guitar festival and a rhythmic explosion, as we like!

For a first track, it's a great start and we wish Any Joy a long and successful career.

Anyway, we'll be there to keep you informed of their progress!

Another little gem to find in our March 2020 Spotify playlist.


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