Anelda - Dreams

March 03, 2023

It is true that running an indie music blog involves having editorial rules. Some are not even public. Like not feature covers. Because we have always preferred to leave room for creativity and original songs.

But when the beautiful Anelda came to us with her cover of "Dreams" by The Cranberries, there was like a magic switch in our minds. First of all, in case you've been hibernating in 2022, or if you're new to IMC (welcome!), we introduced you to Anelda in August with her single "My Home". Who since appeared in episode 1 of season 6 of Chesapeake Shores. A song that also brings us a little taste of nostalgia since it is in episode 1 of our "Indie Hour" podcast. We hope of course, without a bad joke, that Anelda will succeed in appearing in other episodes than always number 1.

Back to "Dreams". Here too, nostalgia plays a big role. Because our generation grew up with the Cranberries, Dolores' voice has always accompanied me. I cried a lot the day we heard about her death, January 15, 2018. To the point of writing the one and only article on IMC that does not talk about an independent artist. It's still available here.

You will therefore understand the desire to "break the rules" today. For two reasons. The first is obviously that this song brings back a lot of memories related to this legendary band. But the main reason is that Anelda managed to appropriate this song. Oh sure, I know the lyrics by heart. It's also quite strange to listen to a submission for the first time and to sing along.

Very airy, Anelda's version leaves a lot more room for the lyrics, and the production is absolutely incredible. Yes, of course, there are those indie-folk touches that make her one of the most standout artists you'll find on IMC. But the musical universe she has created for the occasion is magnificent. If you loved another famous voice from the 90s, like Enya, you'll love this rendition.

While keeping the DNA of the song, Anelda succeeded in taking us into her own musical universe, and at the end of the first listen, we almost forgot that it was a cover. And when this feeling appears, it means that the cover is excellent. And that it deserves its place here. I also see this as a great opportunity for the younger generation, who may not know The Cranberries, to discover their discography.

Now you know all the reasons why for the first time, after nearly 1600 featured songs, you found a cover today on IMC.

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