Andy Martin - Let This Go Again

February 25, 2020

It is a real sun, coming from Brisbane, in Australia, which warms our hearts despite the gray and rainy weather in Europe today.

Our sun is simply called Andy Martin.

"Let This Go Again" is the artist's first solo single. And for a first attempt, it is successful!

The track points the ups and downs of a relationship that is coming to an end.

It delves into old and happy memories, and also tells how they went from good to bad.

A very bright and even joyful way to highlight ... a break-up!

Whether playing the trumpet with internationally renowned brass bands or playing lead roles in various musicals, Andy's musical journey is quite varied!

After being part of a group, HANDLES, Andy Martin started a solo career, and he did well!

The melody is more than attractive and makes you want to dance, the writing is neat, and the production is fantastic.

A very successful first single, which announces others just as great as this one.

The artist takes care of playing all the instruments, except the drums, and it's a real performance, which we can salute.

First single, first visit to Indie Music Center, and we are sure that we will see him again this year in our columns!

Welcome to IMC, Andy!

A little indie pop gem to find in our February 2020 Spotify Playlist.


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