Andie Mechanic - Clinton

March 31, 2023

What seemed to be a pretty folk ballad at first turns into an overpowered electric fireball. Welcome to the surprising and disconcerting world of Andie Mechanic. We don't know anything about this artist, no bio is available anywhere, and we don't even know where she comes from. But listening to this song, you might think she comes from another planet, so unique and inspiring is her musical universe.

"Clinton", his new single is a metaphor in the form of a haunted house which we do not want the character to enter. Because we could find ourselves facing old demons who are not very hospitable.

As Andie confided:

"This is Clinton. It is where intimate, indie songwriting meets nightmare. I wrote this song about when my life felt like a horror movie. Through gritty, glitchy sonics and haunting melodies, this track is for those of us that need to experience the catharsis of our mistakes one more time".

Yes, we all drag our mistakes through our present and our future, and nothing can erase them. But we can always learn to live with them. Some like Andie do it brilliantly through music.

It would be useless to try to describe this unique atmosphere, lost between melancholy and the desire to fight, as the song speaks for itself. "Clinton" is a clever mix of folk and alt-pop, whose intensity grows over time until it reaches a powerful climax that will give you chills. After all, isn't that what you came here for?

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