Anaté - Flow

March 23, 2021

Ana and Andrea, who form the Anaté group, are back. After Rio, which we presented to you last month in article form, and which Luna selected in the latest episode of her podcast "Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs?", Here they are back with "Flow ", a new single released yesterday.

Ana's vocals are truly calming. If you need to disconnect then you can listen to Ana sing for hours, she will help you get away from it all. Paired with samples and delays, the production mixes all of today's techniques with proven instruments, such as the bass, which is quite powerful, and the acoustic guitar, which soothes the whole.

The piano intro takes us back a little to the 90s. I really like this atmosphere which mixes nostalgia and relaxation. "Flow" is exactly the kind of song you can listen to in your bath on Sundays, for example. Besides, that's what I intend to do.

Usually, I don't like songs that tend to drag on, and I get bored after 4 minutes. I admit that with "Flow", I did not see the 5 minutes go by. Time flies with Ana's voice in your ears. I killed the "play" button.

Once again, the duo worked on every detail of the song. With a retro side that we love, and modern means of production, like the sample of the voice on the chorus, "Flow" is a delicious candy that we savor for hours without getting bored.

Now, what could we rejoice in? The announcement of an album, for example, to be able to spend all day in the bath.

Included in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

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