Allison Leah - constellations

November 04, 2022

It seems that IMC is very connected to the celestial universe this year. After "Crumbling Constellations" by Johnny Stumpf in September, it's Allison Leah's turn to take us to the stars with "constellations", taken from her EP "The weight of my heart", out today.

It is no coincidence that she is part of the IMC Family: her talent is well-established. This release is a 6-track EP that offers us a kind of retrospective of the last two years of the Nashville artist... and a summary of all her facets.

From the very pop "What i'm missing" and "I gave you my number" to the very personal "24 years down", our little caterpillar continues to become a magnificent butterfly, chaining masterpieces. And the little gem that caught our attention in this new EP is the unreleased "constellations".

We're not going to lie to you, we had already heard the song a few months ago in its stripped version when Allison played it on a Luna Keller Twitch live stream as a guest of her "Musical Hangouts". But already at that time, we had an immediate crush on "constellations".

And this song has been on Allison's agenda for quite a while now. It's hard to believe that this live version on Youtube was uploaded almost 4 years ago?!

And the studio version confirms this enthusiasm. Allison is also very excited to be able to bring it to the world, as she told us in the interview you can hear in episode 3 of our "Indie Hour" podcast:

"The lyrics of this song are some of my favorite lyrics I've ever written".

What we loved about this song is the personification of the Moon, and the stars, as Allison addresses them as if they were real, and it stems from a time of loneliness:

"At the time I wrote it, I was feeling so lonely and it was the only thing I have right now: the moon outside my window and the stars".

Addressing the fact that we miss someone, the song is a makeover for anyone going through a difficult time. Written during a period of isolation in a cabin in the woods, this song is like a cure for Allison, who finds in loneliness her most beautiful inspiration:

"Some of my favorite albums I've ever heard, like Bon Iver or Matt Corby are from isolation. I love nature even if I live in the city, and I never thought I'd want to isolate myself in the woods to write music and to record music, but I think it naturally happened that way. And I'm happy I got the chance to do that".

Once again, Allison has hidden in the song a few small elements that allow us to fully immerse ourselves in her universe. She has already done it in "24 years down" where we can hear her mum talking at the beginning, then in "better off numb", another song from the EP, where we hear the sounds of objects. And in constellations too you can hear the sound of birds or rain.

"One of my favorite parts of making music is putting those unique things that make the song 100% me. The way I make them so personal to me is in those little unique things".

"Constellations" is yet another masterpiece that can be added to Allison Leah's long list, full of poetry, sweetness, and comfort.

A bit like a kind of "Best Of" of the past two years, "The weight of my heart" closes a chapter in the artist's life, and we can't wait to hear about her next adventures.

Stay tuned for more details about this song and this EP, we're going to talk about it in our podcast. We had such a great conversation with Allison about her music and we're excited for you to hear it!

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