Alas de Liona - Pages

July 28, 2021

Picture by Gaelle Beri

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On June 4th, Alas de Liona released a fabulous 4-track EP, poetically titled "Radio Astronomy". And we understand this title better when we listen to this little gem.

The talent of the singer-songwriter from the Mojave Desert, whose home is sometimes in the USA and sometimes in Scotland, is absolutely divine. The first time I heard "Pages" I had the feeling that an angel had come down from heaven to sing a song to me. Just for me.

Completely captivated by the sublime music video directed by Jonnie Lewis, we easily immerse ourselves in the singer's gaze and we are hypnotized.

We think that we rarely heard such a voice and such delicacy. The whole universe of the singer revolves around the sky. Astronomy, stars, sky, dreams, gravity ... The border between dreams and reality is very fine in her musical universe, and that's what we loved.

Because "Pages" evokes a breakup, like many songs, it's true. But the perspective used here is different. As if the singer had no choice but to let this love slip through her fingers, and as if she watched it fly up in the sky, like a balloon, without being able to do anything to hold it back.

Moreover, the dream is present in the chorus: "I’ll fly this week over oceans deep and I’ll see you in my dreams". We have rarely been touched by such fragility and such sincerity in the interpretation.

When Alas de Liona sings, it is as if time has stood still. So we wanted to discover the rest and we can only invite you to do the same.

Because the "Radio Astronomy" EP contains a total of 5 tracks, and these are 5 little jewels of beauty. The whole is very consistent, logical and to be honest, it's impossible to choose a favorite. We loved all the songs!

Currently back in California, the singer plans to return to Scotland in the fall to record an 11-track album. And once again, it will be heavenly, since titled "Gravity of Gold".



In the wide-eyed breeze

I convinced myself

I was fateless

But we talked of threes

You drew astronauts

We were weightless

Oh, I’ll fly this week

Over oceans deep

And I’ll see you in my dreams

Until winter winds

Bring us close again

Write me pages

I may never read

Quite like poetry

I am graceless

Let us ruminate

Until very late

On the faceless

When I fly from you

As I now must do

Don’t forget what we have learned

Until winter winds

Bring us close again

Say the words

Time is ageless, formless

We are not

But a tale as old as hell

If the music falters, sing again

Until we know it well

Here’s a sweet cliche

For your everyday

I will love you in my dreams

Until winter winds

Bring us close again

Paint me beautiful scenes

I’ll fly this week

Over oceans deep

And I’ll l see you in my dreams

Until winter winds

Bring us close again

Write me pages