After Kepler - Beers On Mars

January 12, 2023

I'm going to reveal a little "manufacturing secret" to you here. When I go through new songs, I listen to them one after the other, blind. I don't look at the screen, I often close my eyes and I try to capture the emotion. And when I heard this voice, I said to myself "This voice sounds familiar". So I had to open my eyes to realize it was James Ghareeb, already featured 2 times on IMC, in December 2020 with "I Remember" and in August 2022 with "Crooks" (if you listened to the first episode from my "Indie Hour" podcast, it's possible this one is still fresh in your mind).

Yes, our Los Angeles-based indie-folk artist teamed up with some bandmates to create the band After Kepler. Completely different from his solo project, the sound of After Kepler is much more pop, like The 1975. By the way, if you love The 1975, there is a huge probability that you will fall in love with the sound and the universe of After Kepler.

The song, which is only the band's second single, is meant to be festive, as James explains: "This song is experiencing a wonderful night full of wonderful adventures whether you're in Los Angeles or anywhere across the world."

The song opens with beautiful vocal harmonies, very worked, with a production that already exceeds all our expectations, in just a few seconds. Then follows a very effective intro, punctuated by some funky vibes which are not unpleasant. As the pre-chorus starts to make you shake your head, the super catchy chorus will keep you dancing for hours.

James Ghareeb's vocal ease is revealed in the second verse, and the song begins to gain more and more momentum and positive energy. With a solo sax that marks a deserved break without losing the energy of the song, "Beers On Mars" invites you to enjoy the present moment, and despite its duration of more than 4 minutes, leaves you with the impression of "too short ". Too bad for the repeat button, we're going to kill it.

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