Adam Falkingham - You Are Gold

March 24, 2023

If you are a fan of the vocals of our Hawaiian friend from South Africa, Luke Beling, then you will love Adam Falkingham.

Hailing from the East of England, this artist says he is influenced by Ben Howard, Passenger or our favorites Hollow Coves. You will therefore have understood that we are setting foot on folk territory today, with an artist who has always had an unfailing love for music, whether as a musician or as a producer. And that passion shines through every single line of "You Are Gold", his debut single. Yes, you read correctly!

Indeed, it's quite hard to believe that it's a debut single, because it's wonderfully produced, written, and arranged and boasts an ultra-professional sound! The artist spent the winter recording several songs that will be released as singles throughout 2023. About this one, Adam told us:

"It was written about finding the best in yourself and others, the single embarks on a positive journey, even when times are tough and dreams seem long gone".

This touches me all the more, since it is this positive journey that I have decided to take in 2023, and since I see things positively, all the problems are gradually starting to disappear in favor of the good news. So I think Adam has a little musical gem there, very relatable, and easy to sing along to.

A little anecdote: on his TikTok, we found a beautiful acoustic cover of "if that's alright" by Dylan Dunlap, which we had the pleasure of discovering in 2019, long before the song exceeded 50 million streams on Spotify, and long before the artist won over a million monthly listeners. Seeing some of our early featured artists influence new ones is priceless. The circle is complete.

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