Adam Falkingham - I Will Run

August 28, 2023

With his first feature on IMC in March with his debut release "You Are Gold", Adam Falkingham offered himself a record: the most read article of the month on IMC. With his second feature in April with "Breathe From It," he did it again! So we quickly realized that this newcomer was already one of your favorites! Good news, he's back with an EP!

A Musical Collection

The EP "One Day Like No Other" was released last Friday and brings together his four previous singles + a new track "I Will Run" that we are pleased to present to you today. The EP is also available as a limited CD edition that you can find on Bandcamp.

Evolving at High Speed

And with this song, we had a nice surprise, that of witnessing a musical evolution at high speed! Yes, that's it, in just a few releases, Adam Falkingham has already reached the level of excellence of other IMC regulars like Thomas LaVine or Harrison Storm.

A Natural Inspiration

Coming from Southend-on-Sea, like our IMC Family member Taylor T, Adam demonstrates once again in "I Will Run" his talent for immersive writing, always very inspired by nature, and for the production that he masters down to the smallest detail from an early age. A real "jack of all trades" who knows his art very well, and leaves no room for chance. The production of this new track (and of the EP in its entirety) is stunning!

Harmonious Vocals and Catchy Chorus

The vocal harmonies are warm and precise, carried by an electric guitar (a rare instrument in indie-folk) over a super catchy chorus that you will hum for hours. If you need a brand new start right now, this song could become your new favorite as a great source of motivation, as Adam says:

"It's about running towards a new start, putting the past behind and not letting others get in the way. It's about taking a lead on your life and realizing how important it is to make the most of the time you have".

Collaborative Artistry

It seems that our artist has understood this well, because he spends a lot of his time writing, creating, and shaping real musical jewels that we never tire of, helped by Stephen Pettyjohn for the mastering done in Oregon, and by the artist Natalie Newsome who has been signing incredible paintings for his artworks for the past few months. A real teamwork that contributes to creating this intimate musical universe, which inspires confidence and brings us the ray of orange sunshine that we all need in these dark times. With Adam Falkingham, the horizon is always clearer.

Embracing Tradition

A few days after posting this review, we received via post the CD of this EP. Thank you Adam for your trust! Now you can come with us in our old car that doesn't know what a USB device is.

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