Adam Falkingham - Breathe From It

April 28, 2023

A month ago on IMC, you met Adam Falkingham and his debut single "You Are Gold". With Hollow Coves in his favourites, it is therefore not surprising that Adam evolves in a rather folk and acoustic universe, and his second single is in this same atmosphere.

Released today, "Breathe From It" is, as its title suggests, a true invitation to breathe fresh air. With many references to nature and relaxation, the song invites us to take a break from the difficult times we are going through to find all the comfort we need in nature. Independent music and nature are closely linked, you have already noticed it with the songs of Thomas LaVine or Ben Greenberg.

An important source of inspiration for artists, nature is also the escape of many indie music fans, and listening to this kind of songs in nature guarantees an invigorating effect. "Breathe From It" contains all the elements that allow you to escape, forget the torments, far from civilization, and enjoy simple things. The writing is once again very colorful and very elaborate. The melody is, despite the use of several instruments, very well organized and easily enters your mind... never to leave it.

The production is once again up to our expectations, the warmth of the vocals, perfectly mastered, combined with the driving rhythm and the light and luminous melody, make "Breathe From It" the ideal companion for your mop playlists.

With two amazing singles in one month, Adam Falkingham can already unpack his suitcase. You'll see him again on IMC, that's for sure. He is an artist as we like them: authentic, sincere, and of deep sensitivity. Everything to please us! Make sure to follow him on socials (all the links below).

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