A Sip of Music - September 28, 2021

September 28, 2021

Matthew Pinder - Cascade

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It was in May last year that we discovered Matthew Pinder, thanks to his breathtaking single "White Sunlight". 

The Bahamian singer is back on IMC to make you vibrate with his new single "Cascade", his first single released after the pandemic and after a break.

Pinder accustomed us to a musical universe worked out in the smallest detail and productions pushed to perfection. So it's no surprise if we tell you that his new single gave us chills. Because the artist perfectly masters the dosage of emotions.

We feel that there is a huge work behind the scenes, and this artist sees his community of fans growing day by day, and it is deserved.

And he can be proud of the work he has done, and as he says, "it's one of my favorite songs that I've written yet". Yes, you can be proud, Matthew, this is a masterpiece that we'll never get tired of.

The final part of the song is incredibly powerful and emotionally charged, like fireworks, it reaches the center of your heart, and an immediate heat wave envelops your entire body. This is real music! We can't wait to hear the rest of his new collection of songs, because if they're all so good, we have not finished vibrating!


Casii Stephan - These Hard Days

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We are now going to Tulsa (Oklahoma), to find Casii Stephan, who we introduced you to in February 2020 with "Trapeze Artist".

In "These Hard Days", the artist dazzled us with her incredible writing skills. An absolutely fantastic writing, dark and luminous at the same time and full of hope.

We have just gone through a rather dark period and we still don't know what will happen tomorrow. This ray of light is exactly what we all need, as the artist confides:

"I wish this song wasn't relevant again. But here we are - wondering what the future holds. My hope is that this song gives you permission to scream out your rage, sorrow, and confusion. Cause we'll never be the same."

With a wonderful melody that will give you goosebumps, as the song evolves to a delicious and emotional end part, "These Hard Days" is like a lighthouse, at dawn, that marks the end of a period believed to be eternal.

Cassi Stephan masters her voice and her emotions with incredible precision. And it was impossible for us to make you miss this emotional gem. Especially since the song is accompanied by a very professional music video to watch below:


Timo Schniering - Mama

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This young 23-year-old German had already moved us in February 2020 with "Wide Wide Wings". We wrote at that time: "We can't wait to see what this talented young man has in store for us."

It seems like the wait of over a year and a half was worth it because this time he made us cry outright.

His new single, "Mama", was inspired by the unique relationship between his mum and his grandma with dementia. I have also had the case in my family, and I know how hard this kind of trouble is to manage on a daily basis.

We're in 2021, and everything goes very quickly, and we too often forget our elders, and give time to the people we love, while they are still there, so the song totally spoke to me. Until giving me chills. And the final scene of the music video, without any music, managed to draw a tear from me. You can watch it below.

This is why I am so proud to highlight these young talents. You will never feel these kinds of emotions when you turn on your radio. I am proud of them and proud of you, dear readers, who help us on a daily basis to support these artists who really need it.

Listen to this song on Spotify and watch the music video, it's a small gesture that means a lot to an artist.

And Timo Schniering deserves it because, with his very mature writing and his professionalism (he once again directed the wonderful music video), he will go very far. Timo, if you read this, you are more than promising.


Stephen Sanchez - Hold Her While You Can

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Coming from Nashville, TN, Stephen Sanchez has built a faithful and engaged community, especially on TikTok, where he has amassed over 120K followers. And with over 200K monthly listeners on Spotify, the artist's creativity is well established.

His new single "Hold Her While You Can", released last Friday, is taken from his "What Was, Not Now" EP which will be released on October 15th.

About this song, the only 18-year-old artist said "The reality is: life doesn't last forever and neither do the moments we spend during it. In this case, love is the central focus. 'Hold Her While You Can 'is all about cherishing what and who you have right in front of you."

While we are too often focused on tomorrow, we sometimes forget to think about today and to enjoy every moment with those we love.

The very catchy melody, with irresistible folky vibes, instantly hooked us, within seconds, and Stephen's natural and delicate vocal performance gave us the goosebumps we were looking for. He is an artist to watch closely because he is more than promising.


Luke Beling - The Way Back

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Is it possible to make it even more folky and catchy? Why not! Let's try!

Let's go to Hawaii to end our journey with a wonderful South African-born artist, Luke Beling. If you like wonderful melodies, cinematic atmospheres making you want to close your eyes to imagine yourself in a place far away, like a desert or a forest near a lake, you have found the right artist!

Luke has this magical power of being able to offer us beautiful journeys, as long as you listen carefully, because each of his songs is beautifully produced, down to the smallest detail, and his poetic and dreamy writing gives us goosebumps every time.

About "The Way Back", his new single released last Saturday, Luke said: "it's a response to a long battle with introspection and self-doubt. I wanted to write a song I could sing to my fears."

We loved the incredible vocal harmonies of the chorus, worthy of the greatest indie artists like Harrison Storm or Hollow Coves. To add urgently to your playlists. For us, it's done!


That's all for today! We hope you had a blast with these amazing songs. You'll find more of that kind on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.

Written by Niko.


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