5 Terrible Mistakes Artists Make on Socials

July 28, 2019

As we are also a music blog for 14 years now, we saw thousands artists Facebook pages, thousands artists Twitter accounts, thousands artists Instagrams... And we noticed that artists often make the same mistakes. We gathered the worst ones here.

Because, creating and growing a fanbase on socials is essential in an artist's life.

Some artists, musicians or bands may therefore be tempted to resort to shortcuts or take this dimension lightly. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't lead them anywhere and even slows down their career. Too bad.

We could not see them do it. And wanted absolutely to help.

1. Buying fake fans

This is probably the worst mistake ever. If you think the power of socials is only about your number of fans and subscribers, you're absolutely wrong.

Only the commitment of your community really matters.

Buying fake fans may artificially increase your fanbase, but no one will interact with your posts. 

In the end, nothing will have really changed.

In addition, unfortunately for you, this trick will be easily spotted by music professionals and even your own community, for whom you will appear to be far from professional.

So don't waste your time and money on these obvious scams and be patient in your strategy.

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2. Speaking about you, you, and you. And maybe you, if you can

Wow, wow, wow, you're amazing! You're beautiful, said James Blunt. You're making good music. You're fantastic. Surely.

But as you may know, we heard "You're Beautiful" so much, that James Blunt is now summed up to this song, and no one cared about all the other fantastic songs he made.

It's all the same here.

In any post on socials, please don't constantly put you under the spotlights.

Talk with and about your fans, ask them about their tastes and opinions, share news that might interest them and that they might like.

How to know that? By knowing your fans. And how to know your fans ? Have honest conversations with them, consider them as friends and faithful supporters, and the loyalty of your audience will only grow. But, as we said in the last point, never consider them as a number.

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3. Annoying people

We've all already seen on FB and YT artists who spend their time promoting wherever they can, their band, their page, or their YT channel.

Let's be clear: you will annoy people, and it's a pure waste of time. And above all, a total lack of respect.

This is one of the worst methods to get new fans. Such an attitude immediately discredits you towards communities where you publish and socials will identify you as a spammer.

Create a connection and use your own page to communicate at first.

Think about posting regularly, however, take into account that each platform has its own limit. For example, it's not recommended to publish more than twice a day on FB.

Then, focus on quality over quantity to gain the trust of your fans. Never forget that, when your fans start to share your posts/content, you're becoming much more visible to your audience.

4. Not using the right content on the right social media

Too many artists repeat themselves in their content across platforms. Republishing the same content on another social network is not enough: you have to adapt to the media.

Indeed, each of these social networks has its own rules that your fans expect you to follow. This will bring you a better visibility guarantee.

For example, sharing an Instagram picture directly on your Twitter or Facebook account will have less impact than if the picture was published to the base from these networks. Republishing your tweets on Facebook is a waste of time and ultimately of fans, because it's not useful. At all.

You absolutely have to know that each network has its own audience and that we don't share the same things on all platforms. 

Twitter users are very different from Snapchat or Vine users. You're not going to deliver cars to a truck seller, right?

By diversifying your content depending on the media, you will give even more reasons to your fans to subscribe to all your pages and profiles!

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5. Seeking to sell, sell, and sell

Whether it's to sell your music, your concerts tickets or your t-shirts, do it sparingly on socials.

It will only reduce the organic reach of your posts on Facebook, and of course, will annoy your fans again!

If you think it's all about "Hey, listen to that song! Watch this video! Buy this t-shirt! Have a listen to my album!"... You're wrong.

People hate to receive orders! They're not your toy. And not your soldiers. On the contrary, consider them as friends, or members of your team.

And, to be perfectly honest : people already see that kind of posts, all day long, on all socials. I'm the first, complaining about this. It's really annoying.

So, they're hoping for a real relationship and want to share some of your world.

Bring value to them through your music and your daily life (songs, stories, covers, pictures, blog posts) and you will have a much better chance of making them conquered fans and likely to want to support you. Don't forget : a super fan can always become... a customer.

As we already said : take time to answer every mention, every comment, every private message. Time is money, right?

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To sum up

You got it, it's very important to work on a real strategy for your socials. It helps you to effectively promote your project.

Think about the goals you want to achieve, but also the expectations of your community, then implement your action plan.

If you need more advice, don't hesitate to reach out. We're also availablel to analyse your socials, and see what we can do together to improve them, so you could really grow your fanbase and your career quickly.

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