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4 months ago
This site is such a great place to find out about underrated artists! Thanks for your work!
5 months ago
I feel like this is a good place to find artists I would never have heard about. Thank you for what you do!
5 months ago
WOW! How do you do this?! Every song is better than the last one! Thank you for curating these songs with such a level of dedication. We've played your Spotify playlist about four times today... and will do the same tomorrow. It's quite uplifting, calming, and inspiring.
5 months ago
I absolutely love your site and your Spotify playlist. I constantly have it playing at all times. Chilling, working & studying in my life just always including an IMC playlist. Never stop making the vibe better!
5 months ago
Yay, IMC has great music to enjoy ... at the office, of course, LOL. It's hard to be stressed with these melodies in the background! I hope all of you, reading this, have an amazing day and week and month - You deserve to be happy!
6 months ago
I just stumbled upon this site, and emotions started early. There is a cleansing feeling after tears fall that you can't replace. My soul screams out for serenity! I close my eyes and imagine seeing my beautiful daughter turning to me smiling with ice-covered mountain caps in her background, and her eyes lighting up my heart. I am feeling very inspired to make some healthy lifestyle changes and...
6 months ago
Thanks for such a great mix of beautiful indie songs! Your reviews and playlist are wonderful! I'll definitely check more works of some artists whose songs played here.
6 months ago
I would like to find friends who also like this type of music. It is difficult when you are in a group, people listening to this type of music, they look at you strangely, but I don't care!
6 months ago
Absolutely love all the music you guys post have been a follower for going on 4 and a half years. never been disappointed.
6 months ago
These songs are simply awesome! Listening to them while driving, while working, while drinking... Beautiful! Cheers!