Lucas Fournier

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Only 19 years old with a world of ambition, Lucas Fournier has one goal: to spend his life making music that excites him, pushes boundaries, and connects with like-minded music lovers. Currently in his third year studying classical music at McGill University, the music that Fournier makes in his home studio is drastically different to what he studies. With a soft spot for the classic lush indie folk aesthetic of Novo Amor and early Bon Iver, but perhaps an equal influence from the genre-bending discography of Radiohead, and the outside-the-box production of Tony Berg on albums like Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher, Fournier refuses to confine himself to a genre, and instead will go wherever a song takes him.

Fournier makes music with the goal of connecting with people who go through similar experiences to himself. For Fournier, music is an outlet that has a truly unique way of influencing his thoughts and emotions, and he has always felt that writing music is the most natural way of expressing himself. In the past two years, Fournier taught himself how to record and produce, and soon after released his debut album, Many Waters, in December 2021. Since then, Fournier has continued to develop his skills as a musician and, perhaps more importantly, has continued to grow as a person. Back bigger and better than before, Fournier will be releasing a strong, diverse, and expectation-defying collection of songs over the coming months.

The first of these songs is Lakeside, which is officially out in the world as of August 26th, 2022. Like many of Fournier’s songs, Lakeside began as a simple guitar sketch, but soon developed into an epic track featuring a calm, acoustic intro, an ambient break, and a massive orchestral-sounding finale. Collaborators Harley Eblen and Charles Henry-Volk were instrumental in helping Fournier achieve a sound that he had never attempted before. Harley Eblen provided a cello arrangement that gives the song a real sense of depth and movement, fluidly connecting its different sections and contributing to the massive orchestral sound that defines the final ninety seconds. Charles Henry-Volk was the song’s mixing engineer who was critical in making nearly a hundred different tracks work in unison, bringing newfound drive and energy that hasn’t been heard before in Fournier’s music.

Lakeside marks the beginning of a truly exciting new chapter in Lucas Fournier’s world of music.

Source: Lucas' EPK.


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