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Eveline grew up in a suburban town, always feeling out of place and daydreaming about the big world out there. From an early age, she felt a tingling severity in her chest. An energy she wasn’t able to identify at that time but couldn’t wait to get out. Later she would realize it was the wanderlust-a desire to break out. But for a couple of years, her liberty was limited to the number of grey concrete building floors and depending on the blank-faced decision makers that used to call themselves adults.

Her few, desultory attempts at becoming a part of the crowd she grew up with failed but taught her about insecure, spiteful behavior patterns and the human fear of the different. She created her comfort zone by consuming fictional and absurd stories in books and movies and was attracted to the seemingly endless possibilities of the worlds that were outlined. With a fine line of distance, she was observing characters in real life and started journaling herself.

At the age of 9, Eveline wrote her first short story.

At the age of 13, she was laying up over 50 poems, short stories, and anecdotes. Inspired by the soundtrack of her favorite movies and legendary voices such as Etta James or Freddie Mercury she wanted to add music as another level of expression to her self-written work. She learned to play the guitar and the piano and started writing her own songs at the age of 14.

While singing and performing her songs she certainly felt euphoric and safe in public. As if an invisible bubble was surrounding and protecting her from the outer world but making her become a part of this world as well. She felt heard. It was only natural that as soon as she could Eveline would pack her bag to move to Berlin-ready for shaking up the scene and collecting those experiences she could only write about before. In the big city, she felt surrounded by diverse characters, creatives, and outsiders like her. She was attracted to life and what people could actually make her feel emotionally and sexually.

At the age of 19, she was performing her songs in the clubs of Berlin and on stages nationwide supporting artists like Låpsley, Billie Eilish, and Adam Lambert. Appearances were including Reeperbahn Festival, MELT, and venues like Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berghain, and Große Freiheit 36.

Her stories formed a way of therapy for herself and a safe space for her audience-far away from the eternal popularity contest. Pursuing her artistic vision the songwriter, performer and producer was recently focusing on her first coherent musical piece.

Cinematic soundscapes emerged, interspersed with dark and light moments and rousing narratives. Like movie episodes, a whole world started to unfold around the artist. Self-determined and independent, she continues to challenge her audience to dig deeper into their own minds, face their fears, and be bold about their dreams. The result is a debut album that wants to open the floodgates to different perspectives from the mainstream." Modern Disaster" is an electronic dystopia, presented by Eveline's stirring voice and told with fragile and blatant lyrics. A mirror of the real world and a door into a different reality.


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