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You're an artist / a band, and would like to submit your music to the Indie Music Center ? You're very welcome :)


Step 1 : Knowing Us

First, you have to know that we are a "niche" tiny blog. Even though we are read in over 140 countries. We only feature 3 genres (indie-rock/indie-pop/indie-folk), plus we're only focused on powerful emotions and try to give our readers chills.

Because we truly think that music is about emotions. And as we're all human beings, music has to have a soul to be featured here.

And as we're a "niche" blog, we don't have 10-million followers. So don't expect to get a call from Universal Music or BBC after getting a feature with us haha.

You'll only get a few streams/views from us. But quality exposure. 

So, knowing us is the essential step. If you skip it, your track may be declined because it doesn't suit our requirements.

Knowing who you're submitting to is essential for your Musical Marketing strategy.

Take a little time to have a read of some reviews of our blog, and discover our musical universe.

You will quickly notice that it's very focused on emotions, chills, and beauty.

And that we were until now focused on 3 main genres: indie folk, indie rock, and indie pop. 

We are now more open and accept Singer-Songwriter / Alternative Rock / Bedroom or Lo-fi Pop / Lo-Fi Rock / Surf Rock / Chamber Pop.

No need to send us Hip Hop or R'n'B tracks.

What we need What we try to avoid

A catchy melody

Soulful vocals

Feeling emotions in the vocals, or in the melody, or both

Powerful emotions & chills (happy, melancholic, moving feelings)

Organic music made with real instruments

We love when the song builds until an epic ending

Autotune or special voice effects

Soulless vocals

Electronic music, or made with a machine

Repetitive melodies

Hip Hop / Rap / Talking parts

Explicit lyrics

Aggressive vocals / Screaming vocals / Average singing


Negative writing themes : mental health (we got too much tracks last months), war, politics, religion, Covid-19 related lyrics. Why ? Our faithful readers come to us to hear something different of what they hear every day on the news

Step 2 : Submit!

Now that you're sure that you know about us, you can submit here.

It's the only way to submit to us, as it allows us to gather everything clean, and at the same place.

Think about filling your artist's description with a little bio.

Don't forget to add the story behind the song.

And your social media links!

If we don't have these informations, we can't write about something/someone we don't know at all.

Browsing the Internet to search for your informations or links is not our mission.

We are not search engines, private detectives or your PR agency :) We're just here to help.

So, please help us to help you :)


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Discover now what will happen next!

What you will get :

- a blog post, made with our heart!

- a short video (30 to 45 sec) to promote your song with an audio or video sample

- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok shares of this sample (if we don't get any copyright strike)

- Soundcloud repost of the song (if we can find the song here!)

- Playlist addition (Spotify+Soundcloud) (make sure that your track is available everywhere to get more exposure!)

- Radio airplay on the "Indie Music Radio". On high rotation for a month, then included in the recurrent playlist.

- PPC ad on the Instagram video to help you to reach more people (covered by us, and if the post doesn't get a copyright strike)

Remember the dollar you spent on SubmitHub to get all those things.

We will need about 1 hour of work.

Someone dedicated to your promotion for this single dollar :)

And after ?

Did you really think we were gonna let you down so easily?

- From the first feature, you instantly get a special discount on our Mixing & Mastering service "Indie Music Studio" (launching in September)

- From the third feature, an artist profile will be created for you on the Indie Music Center to show our readers all your IMC features at one glance

- From the fifth consecutive feature, this artist profile will move to the "IMC Certfied section". This section gathers the artist we trust the most. It means that all their future releases will be covered by the Indie Music Center, without even submitting the songs. It's a guaranteed placement. And a guarantee of quality content for our readers.

- Every month, we stop the counters. And we have a look to the most read reviews. And we release a Top 5 based on our readers favourites. So you may be mentioned again on social media. It happens to a band two months in-a-row.

What we expect from you

Within 5 days after the review is released, we would like you to share the link of our review on :

- your artist social media (please share a link, and not only a screenshot)

- your artist's website, if you have a "Press" section (please share a link, and not only a screenshot)


That may come as a shock, but it's the only way we found to grow efficiently.

Recently (last month) we declined the new track of a band we love.

Just because we featured them 3 times, and we talked about them 16 times on our social media.

We worked for them for 5 hours (for $3, yes!) and never got any recognition from them.

We spent 100 times more on social media promotion for them.

They never gave us a like. Never shared our work. Never even say "thank you".

Why? Because they now have 62K+ fans on social media, 700K+ monthly listeners on Spotify, and 2,5M views on YT.

So they probably don't need us anymore to be known. But they could help us to be known.

But maybe they already forgot where they come from : The indie music world is quite tiny and works as a family.

We're all here to support and helps each other, it's a win-win.

And if we're still here, after 15 years of passion, it's thanks to all the wonderful artists who talked about us to their fans.

And some of their fans became ours. And without readers, our artists would never be heard. That's why it's a win-win.

Let's be perfectly honest: we will now give priority to the artists who regularly share our work. We want them to be a part of our "family".

And since then, we decided that 5 days after the release of our review, we will check the artist's website and his social media.

If our work has never been shared, we probably won't waste another hour, or a hundred dollars for the next release ;)

We sincerely hope you understand.

If you're ready to work with us in a honest way, and to join our family, feel free to submit here.