Zander Rhodes - Soulfire

September 04, 2020

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While we are in the midst of the “Back to School” period, we all need a moment of relaxation in order to be able to refocus. And we have selected this effective remedy for you. Already featured in July with "Falling", Zander Rhodes comes back with a classic jazz chord progression on which his voice suits perfectly. You will appreciate the delicate choruses and the successful vocal harmonies, placed on a simple and effective production. A real treat to start the weekend, we couldn't ask for more. And while we thought that the previous feature had only one defect, being too short, this song is 10 seconds shorter than the previous one haha. So, great news for your ears, you'll be able to push the repeat button more often. 

Zander's point of view :

"Soulfire" is a super-chilled indie tune about that special someone who defined my youth. Featuring a classic jazz chord progression on acoustic guitar, it blends folk, soul, and blues influences in a catchy, laid-back arrangement. Described as "surf-pop" by Scenestr, my music is deeply inspired by the landscape and lifestyle of my home on the East Coast of Australia. I started playing a jazz chord progression and the melody just felt natural.

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July 24, 2020 - Falling


In 1999, Zander sat enthralled on the floor of his parents’ Yorkshire home, as his father picked the opening line from Wish You Were Here on an old Yamaha guitar. It was a feat he thought would be nearly impossible to replicate, but the spark was lit in Zander’s imagination. Now living 10,000 miles away in Australia’s Sunshine State, Zander Rhodes is an electrifying solo artist making waves in the East Coast indie folk scene. Inspired by the beautiful country surrounding him, his music 'sparks a feeling of nostalgia and longing, romanticising movement, travel and love on the road’ (Happy Mag). Zander’s debut EP, ‘Whiny Folk Songs’ (2019) was hailed as ‘a masterclass in songwriting’ (Luke Saunders), drawing comparisons to local contemporaries Kyle Lionhart, Ziggy Alberts, and Tay Oskee. Fresh out of the studio with legendary producer Brock Weston (of Bugs fame), Zander’s second EP ‘The Great Unknown’ promises a contemporary sound that sits between indie folk and Australiana-tinged alt-country. Though Zander has ‘always been drawn to the storytelling element of [traditional] folk music’ (Music Is My Muse), his upcoming releases showcase a diverse array of influences, including blues, roots, and soul.

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