Michael Lane - Coming Home

September 11, 2020

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In a poetic and romantic indie-folk universe, Michael Lane returns, to offer us something positive through his new single "Coming Home", released today. "Your smile warms me up like a fire inside". Who would resist to those words? We were blown away by his writing skills in "Take It Slow" released in June, and this new single is also a proof that our favourite German-American has an innate talent for writing songs. Starting slowly, from peaceful vocals on a delicate acoustic guitar, the song rises gradually, until becoming a great indie-folk anthem. We fell for the beauty of the lyrics, carrying hope and smile, and the comforting production. All in sweetness. As the music video (simple, but effective). Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist. You can find this playlist on : Spotify / Soundcloud / Youtube

Michael Lane's point of view :

"Coming Home" isn’t just about coming home, but more about the feeling you get or have when you’re at a place that you would consider your home. Growing up I moved around a lot, and never really had a steady place that I could call home until I started my own family, and now I do have my own place to call home. It really is a sanctuary for my soul, where I can relax and enjoy the finer things in life

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June 20, 2020 - Take It Slow


If there is a modern folk-pop artist who has seen the harsh realities in life, it is Michael Lane himself. As a US soldier in his twenties, sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, Michael was forced to live at cruelty. And if his previous albums were like a kind of musical diary in which these experiences were reflected, Michael Lane's regained ease and joy can clearly be seen in "Coming Home". The song is a message of hope and positive certainty that a time of crisis will lead people back to the important things. Successes such as two top 50 songs in the German charts, four albums, international tours and the single "Liberty" as the official song of the 2015/2016 Four Hills Tournament, Europe’s biggest international ski jump event, have made the German-American known to the public. In addition to his work as a musician, Michael Lane is currently also active as a songwriter for production music and as a music producer in his remote "Studio Waldblick".

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