Ma Fleur - Trouble Bubble

August 07, 2020

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As you may know if you're a faithful reader, we always find incredible artists and band in Germany.

This country always had a higher level in music quality, and this artist is an additional proof.

From Kassel, Ma Fleur will release soon an EP called "Big Dreams", and this is the second single.

"Trouble Bubble" starts with a great three-parts electric guitar intro, and we love long intros, as they're often announcing something great.

Then the track reveals a incredible and wonderful voice, at-ease in all tones.

A little tortured, the artist explains that he's living in his own bubble, watching the outside world going mad.

And after all we've been through, these last months, the song may speak to a lot of people!

At least, it spoke to us and we really felt concerned by the quite dark but powerful lyrics.

The chorus is so catchy that you may surprise yourself to sing along very quickly.

Ma Fleur manages the contrast between a quite dark writing theme and a very luminous melody.

And thanks to him, in these dark times, there's a ray of light, as Luna Keller recently said.

Included in our "Indie Rock Killers" playlist.

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