Erin Harland - Bother

September 05, 2020

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What we really loved, from the first seconds, is the warm and delicate voice of Erin. Coming from Brooklyn, the young woman released on Augusth 28th her second single "Bother You", a catchy pop ballad carrying loads of emotions. Sometimes, you just want to put yourself in a bubble, and not disturb people around you. That's what happened to Erin (read below). With a very catchy melody and an very high quality of production, the songs seduced us by its sweetness. Erin's vocals are delicate and soulful, and we enjoyed the shy character of the girl. Even though we don't know exactly how old is she, we're blown away by seeing so much talent in such a young woman, as she's also an actress! (You'll learn more on her official website). "Bother" enchanted us from the first to the last second, and plays on repeat in our head! And we're sure you'll love this song too. Don't hesitate to share it!

Erin Harland's point of view :

I wrote this song last year actually while I was literally sick with a fever, delirious in my bedroom, listening to a lot of Imogen Heap for some reason, and having no energy but to do that and lie in my bed staring at the walls and reflecting on my life. I felt weak and guilty that commitments I made to myself and others now had to fall by the wayside because I don’t know how to take care of myself. I thought about how my roommates didn’t even know I was sick because I didn’t want to tell them, how I was ashamed to ask any friends for help, how I wished I had a boyfriend again if only for this kind of circumstance. I wished my parents lived nearby. But I didn’t want to bother anybody with any of that because people got their own stuff going on, you know? That said, I have so many amazing friends who I know would have helped had I voiced that. What’s cool is, as the time has gone by what the current state of the world, it has taken on new meanings for me.

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Erin Harland is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and performer. A self-confessed empath, Erin's music is inspired by her own lived experiences through dreamy/retro waves of nostalgia, hope, and forgiveness. While she enjoys a wide variety of music, she is highly influenced by artists such as Alvvays, The Magnetic Fields, Cocteau Twins, Phoebe Bridgers, School of Seven Bells & more.

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